History of Rwanda Music

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The music of Rwanda largely consists of African folk music sung by its people. Traditional music and dance are taught in "amatorero" dance groups, which are to be found across the entire country. The most famous of those is Ballet National Urukerereza, which was created in the early 1970s to represent Rwanda in international events. Also famous were the Amasimbi n'amakombe and Irindiro cool dance groups.

The ikinimba is probably the most revered musical tradition in Rwanda. It is a dance that tells the stories of Rwandan heroes and kings, accompanied by instruments like ingoma, ikembe, iningiri, umuduri and inanga. The inanga, a lyre-like string instrument, has produced many of Rwanda's best-known performers, including Rujindiri, Sebatunzi, Rwishyura, Simparingoma, Sentoré, Kirusu, Sophie and Victor Kabarira, Simon Bikindi.

Rwandan music overseas

Due to socio-military unrest and violence, many Rwandans have moved overseas in recent years, bringing their country's music to cities like Brussels. For many years, Rwandan-Belgian Cécile Kayirebwa was arguably the most internationally famous Rwandan musician, until the late 1990s arrival of Rwandan-Canadian Corneille and Jean-Paul Samputu. Before the chaotic 1990s, Rwanda produced popular local bands like Imena, Nyampinga, Les 8 Anges, Les Fellows, Impala, Abamarungu, Los Compagnons de la Chanson, Bisa, Ingenzi, and Isibo y'Ishakwe. They took influences from across Africa, especially the Congo, as well as Caribbean zouk and reggae. Following the civil war, music gradually returned to the country, and new stars arose, the most prominent of which is probably Aimé Murefu, a guitarist that draws upon American rock and blues guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, BB King and Carlos Santana.

Jean-Paul Samputu, along with his group Ingeli, won two Kora awards (African Grammy) for "Most Inspiring Artist" and "Best Traditional Artist" in 2003 for their performance of neo-traditional Rwandan music. The group tours the world spreading the Christian message of peace and reconciliation, and helps raise money for the many orphans of Rwanda. Recently Samputu brought twelve of these orphans known as Mizero Children or Rwanda to tour the U.S. and Canada in 2007.

Cyprien Kagorora was nominated to the 2005 Kora Awards in the category "Best Traditional Artist". He is probably today's most recognizable Rwandan male voice.Today Rwandan Music is led by youth and most of them are doing Hip Hop like Riderman he is know in his beautful Rap and writings where he have done a song like Africa Ndota and many more and others RnB like the lovely The Ben very known for his beautiful voice but also still there is some who are trying to do traditional music like Mani Martin and Rwandan Music is always going high.

Modern Rwandan Music

As time passed,The Rwandan Music industry started being interested. Many companies interested into building and rising the industry showed up. Like the Local famous TV Show Ishusho K'umuziki Nyarwanda, Primus Guma Guma, and more others. It was a big success to those companies and they are contributing to the growing of the Music of Rwanda.