What is the African Union?

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What is the African Union?
African Union

The African Union or AU is an intergovernmental organization consisting of 53 member states. The group was formed on July 9th, 2002.

The objectives of the AU include but are not limited to are to the acceleration of the political and socio-economic integration of the continent; the promotion and defense of common African positions on issues of interest to the continent and its peoples; the achievement of peace and security in Africa; and the promotion of democratic institutions, good governance and human rights.

Official bodies of the African Union include the Pan-African Parliament, the Assembly of the African Union, the African Court of Justice, the Peace and Security Council, and the Economic, Social, and Cultural Council. The AU currently has 4 suspended members: Eritrea, Guinea, Madagascar and Niger. Morocco was a member of the AU's predecessor, the Organization of African Unity, but left in 1984.