Do I have to take malaria prevention medicine?

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Do I have to take malaria prevention medicine?
Malaria prevention medicine

First, check the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website to see if the country you are traveling to is a malaria zone. The CDC points out that 'geography is just one part of determining a traveler's risk for infection. Risk can differ substantially for different travelers if their behaviors and circumstances differ.

For example, travelers staying in air-conditioned hotels may be at lower risk than backpackers or adventure travelers'. If you believe that you are at risk for malaria transmission based on the geography or nature of your trip, make sure to discuss the options malaria prevention when you go to your doctor to get your vaccinations 4-6 weeks before departure.

There are a number of malaria prophylactics currently available and they range in price, dosage, prevalence of side effects, and efficacy. Speak to your doctor to see which one could be the best fit for you. Some health insurance companies do not cover prophylactics (especially if they are going to be taken for an extended period of time), so be sure to discuss with your care provider what they will and will not cover. Also, note that the use of insect repellent and mosquito nets can dramatically reduce the risk of malaria transmission.