Which credit cards can I use in Africa?

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Which credit cards can I use in Africa?
Credit cards

Do not expect to be able to use your credit card for all of your expenses unless you are traveling in a well-developed major city. Check in advance if your hotel accepts credit cards. Before making any purchases by card you should inquire as to the exchange rate that the operation is using because they can vary drastically.

Visa cards are the most widely accepted, followed by MasterCard. American Express is not well recognized. No matter what card you plan on using, call the company in advance and advise them of your travel itinerary. If you fail to do so and use your card abroad they are likely to put an immediate hold on your account until you call to verify the charge (a phone call that might be difficult to make depending on where you are!) If you are traveling in a remote area or plan on doing souvenir/market shopping you will need to use hard cash. US Dollars are generally the easiest to exchange and the advantage of using local currency is that you will be able to avoid inaccurate exchange rates.

If you do not get a chance to exchange your bills for local currency, US Dollars hold the strongest bargaining power.