The 10 Oldest Presidents In Africa

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The 10 Oldest Presidents In Africa
The 10 Oldest Presidents In Africa

Some African countries are led by people who are in their 70s and 80s. Robert Mugabe, the

President of Zimbabwe, is 91. Here are the 10 oldest African presidents from bottom up:

10) Jacob Zuma (Age: 73)

Jacob Zuma is the President of South Africa. He was born on 12 April 1942. He was sworn in as

the president on 9 May 2009 after his party ANC won the national election. The party retained the

majority in the 2014 elections. Zuma was elected for a second term as president.

9) Alassane Ouattara (Age: 73)

Alassane Dramane Ouattara is the President of the Ivory Coast. He was born on 1 January 1942

and has been serving the nation as its president since 2011. He was the prime minister of the nation from November 1990 to December 1993.

8) Peter Mutharika (Age: 74)

Peter Mutharika has been the President of Malawi since 31 May 2014. Born in the year 1940, he

is an expert in international law, international economic law and international comparative

constitutional law.

7) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Age: 76)
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the President of Liberia. She was born on 29 October 1938. She won the
2005 presidential election and assumed the office on 18 January 2006. She was honored with the
2011 Nobel Peace Prize for her non violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s
rights to full participation on peace­building work.
6) Manuel Pinto da Costa (Age: 77)
Manuel Pinto da Costa served as the first President of Sao Tome and Principe between 1975 and
1991. He was reelected in 2011. Manuel Pinto de Costa was born on 5 August 1937.
5) Alpha Condé (Age: 77)
Alpha Conde is the President of Guinea. Born on 4 March 1938 in Boke, he has been leading the
nation as its president since 21 December 2010. He belongs to the Rally of the Guinean People
(RPG) party. He was the first freely elected president in the history of the nation.
4) Abdelaziz Bouteflika (Age: 78)
Algerian politician Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been the President of Algeria since 27 April 1999. He
was reelected for the fourth term in 2014. He was born on 2 March 1937 at Oujda, Morocco. He
belongs to the National Liberation Front.
3) Paul Biya (Age: 82)
Paul Biya is the President of Cameroon. He was born in the village of Mvomeka’a on 13 February
1933. He belongs to the People’s Democratic Movement. He rose to prominence under President
Ahmadou Ahidjo and was sworn in as the President on 6 November 1982. He was prime minister
then president; in total 40 years, making him the longest serving political leader in Africa.
2) Beji Caid Essebsi (Age: 88)
Born on 29 November 1926, making him the oldest North Africa leader. Beji Caid Essebsi has
been the President of Tunisia since 31 December 2014.
1) Robert Mugabe (Age: 91)
At 91, Robert Mugabe is the oldest president in Africa. He is the President of Zimbabwe. He was
born on 21 February 1924 at Kutama, Southern Rhodesia. He won his seventh term as president in 2013