GHANA FACTS: 13 Places The Greenwich Meridian Line Passes Through

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GHANA FACTS: 13 Places The Greenwich Meridian Line Passes Through
GHANA FACTS: 13 Places The Greenwich Meridian Line Passes Through

1. Afienya, Ningo – Prampram District

Afienya is a town on the Akosombo road about 20 km north of Tema.

2. Krobo Odumase, Lower Manya Krobo District

The Line just passes through a suburb of Krobo Odumase, the administrative capital of Lower Manya Krobo.

3. Unknown Village, Asuogyaman District

This third linear settlement, just south of Tortibo, merges with the latter a little to the north-east, a small ridge separating the two up to this point.

4. Tortibo, Asuogyaman District

The Line now crosses a second valley south of the Sapor, in which flows the River Totibo. The latter joins the Volta River just below the Akosombo Dam. As with the Sapor valley, the available maps show at least three settlements named after the river, which also now extend both east and west of the Meridian in a continuous line.

5. Sapor, Asuogyaman District

At this point, the Line crosses a valley which runs from south-west to north-east, along which flows the River Sapor, joining the Volta Lake at an inlet to the west of the Akosombo Dam. The US army map NB30-8 shows four places named after the river at intervals along the valley, all of them to the west of this location, but the satellite image shows that these settlements have expanded to form an almost continuous line which now extends east of the Prime Meridian.

6. Sedorm, Asuogyaman District

The line extends and passes through this district as well.

7. Unknown Village, Krachi West District

The district of this unidentified village is determined by its proximity to both Osramanae and Monkra, both of which are listed by the 2012 Election Polling Station List in Krachi West.

8. Unknown Junction, Krachi Nchumuru District

The satellite image of this junction on the Dodoikope – Zongo Macheri road is of poor resolution but shows evidence of a few scattered dwellings.

9. Wulensi, Nanumba South District

Wulensi is the capital town of Nanumba South District and the line passes there too.

10. Yendi, Yendi Municipal District

The line extends through this town which happens to be the seat of the paramount chief of the Dagbons.

11. Kpunkparabago / Najong No.2, Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo District

These two toponyms are ‘positional allonyms’ in the GNS list, i.e. they are given the same coordinates, but it is not known if they actually refer to the same settlements. Only Najong No.2 appears in the 2012 Election Polling Station List.

12. Pulimakom, Pusiga District, UE

The most northerly place that the Line passes through is the border post of Pulimakom, on a road leading to the town of Cinkassé, or Sankase, in Togo. There is some uncertainty in the location of Pulimakrom, since the GEOnet Names Server coordinates are on the Togo side of the border. Assuming that the border is marked correctly, it seems likely that Pulimakom is in the vicinity of the formal establishment seen on the satellite image enclosed by a rectangle of trees, as there is no other obvious site for official control of the border.

13. Tema, Tema Metropolitan District

Tema is the largest of Ghana’s two seaports and lies about 24 km east of the the capital, Accra. It is also connected by Ghana’s first motorway.

The line cuts through this town and this fact is well known by most Ghanaians.