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Seeing Double: Meet The Twins Whose Pics Broke Twitter

There are so many beautiful women on Twitter that it's hard to stand out. However, it's not often that twins come through and wreck shop.

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How I Became A Les bian [TRUE STORY]

I do have a boyfriend, infact The first girl I ever did was my boyfriend’s cousin, and we are still together till date, although my

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16 Ghanaian Female Celebrities In Their 30’S Who Don’t Look A Day Over 25

Age is just a number indeed! Ghanaian women are known to age gracefully if they lay off the bleaching cream *ahem*, but our female celebrities take

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Men Take Note: 6 Sex Positions Most Women Love

There are many sex positions out there you can try but when it comes to making a woman achieve an orgasm, you don’t need to

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Ladies: 9 Ways To Blow His Mind With A Blow Job

If you asked a guy to make a top five list of his favorite things, most men, if not all, would give blow jobs the

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Ladies: 6 Ways To Tease Him Till He Goes Nuts With A Hard-On

Some girls may be under the impression that men like to get right to the point when getting hot and heavy between the sheets, but

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South African Le$Bians Protest Unclàd in streets Saying: Allow us marry Each other Protest:

South African Lesbians are protesting against Government policies that do not recognize their Individual rights. Is it right to give Le sbians the freedom of association

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Men: 20 Types Of Vaginas You’ll Meet In Your Lifetime And How To Handle Them

Directly in response to “10 Types and Shapes of Penises and How they Can Satisfy You”, readers were eager to know if women also have

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11 Most Erogenous Places To Kiss On A Woman’s Body

Nearly anything you can do to a woman with your hands will feel better if you do it with your mouth! A woman’s body is an

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Ladies: 8 Rules To Achieving Multiple Orgasms

Some people think it’s a myth, but a lot of women can attest to the fact that they’ve had multiple orgasms. Here’s how you can join

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