Who are Ghanaians listening to?

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WE are full swing into the political campaign season and apart from the known political parties we now have a lot of new ones that have sprung up with different motto and national development agenda, which they are preaching to the attention of the people, particularly the electorate.

SOME of those parties have no aims of putting up candidates for the parliamentary elections, because their sole aim is to put up only a presidential candidate for the December elections.  Whether some will be able to come up with the filing fee the Electoral Commission is yet to set is another matter, but it goes without saying that the fee will eventually be a criterion that will cut out many of the parties and give us a shorter ballot paper.

THERE are, however, certain basic questions anyone who worries about whether Ghana is developing or not may be asking.  But for us on Today, only one of those questions stands out in these times when we are preparing to go to the polls in less than three months.  That question is who are Ghanaians really listening to?

SOME of the parties and their candidates are promising paradise, which they and us, know from experience they cannot deliver in even a lifetime.  Others, burdened with pasts of making promises and failing to deliver on them, have set what one may describe as realistic but moderate goals that do not in any way address the core development challenges facing Ghana.

OTHER political parties and their candidates are challenging themselves and us with concepts that are totally new in the history of our political campaigning, but are innovative, laudable and possible. And then there are those parties that have not left their comprehensive agenda in their manifestoes, but are coming to the people of Ghana with inter-connected programmes and showing how each part complements the other to bring Ghana total development.

WE on Today need not point out to any citizen of Ghana that it is one fact that the parties are all preaching their messages, but another fact whether we the people of Ghana are listening or are listening properly.  It is, indeed, another fact whether we are listening properly, that is, if we are listening to each message with a clear mind unclouded by blind partisan affiliation, and with only one prospect in mind – the expectation of what will inure to the progress of Ghana in ways that will bring true progress to our country and to all.

WE will thus encourage all of us to be attentive to what all presidential candidates are saying, and to decide, each one for himself and herself, what appeals to him or her. Eventually, it is the aggregate of the ballots we cast that will give us a president.   And if that aggregate can give us a president whose programmes will bring us progress that will ease economic hardships, bring down the cost of living, improve the standard of living, breathe life back into the National Health Insurance Scheme and improve teaching and learning in public school and open it up to all who have the qualification to go then, collectively, we would have exercised our franchise to our collective benefit rather than to the benefit of those we vote for.