Welcome Madam Eva Lokko!

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THE Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has indeed indicated its battle readiness with the announcement of Madam Eva Lokko as Dr. Nduom’s running mate.

AFTER months of search by a crack team of distinguished top party members, led by an astute business mind and member of the National Advisory Council of the PPP, Mr. Ladi Nylander, the party at the Osu Blogodo Gardens in Accra yesterday named the accomplished professional as the imminent vice-president of Ghana.

POLITICAL antecedents indicate that Ghana has few numbers of successful women politicians and presidential or running mates for that matter.

RECORDS indicate that although the National Independence Party (NIP) of Mr. Kwabena Darko selected a lady, Naa Aferley Sackeyfio, as his running mate in the 1992 elections, any hope of the Ghanaian entrepreneur breaking the malignant nature of women in Ghana’s politics fizzled out because of the poor run of the NIP in that year’s elections.

IN the last elections, the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) also selected Mrs. Patience Ameku to be the running mate of the party’s presidential candidate, Emmanuel Ansah Antwi, with the People’s National Convention (PNC) Dr. Edward Mahama going in for Madam Petra Amegashie; and yet the trick never worked.

WE are however of the firm belief that the spiral chain of failure of women running mates could be corrected by the PPP in this year’s elections.

OUR hope hinges on the seamless synergy the duo of Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom and Madam Lokko carry in service delivery in both public and private life.

THE achievement of the PPP flag bearer need not be re-echoed since it speaks for itself… that of Madam Lokko speaks of a woman whose background and experience are ground-breaking in Ghanaian politics.

AS an engineer and communications expert with a Master’s Degree in Intelligent Management Systems, System Analysis and Design, Madam Lokko has worked for the United Nations, where she helped change lives of millions around the world; Ghana Broadcasting Corporation(GBC) where she totally transformed the operations of the State Broadcaster and led incorruptibly despite several challenges and also operated as the CEO of a critical, youth oriented non-governmental organisation- Totally Youth, helping scores of unemployed youth find gainful employment and getting a head start in life.

UNLIKE some presidential and vice presidential candidates in Ghana who shuttle back and forth between government and academia and because they have little or no practical experiences when often consigned with inconsequential roles, Madam Lokko has put her education to use with an entrepreneurial spirit, and worked to help the people of Ghana directly through any means available to her.

TRUTH be told that the PPP has its quiver filled and a stratagem that demonstrates the individual capacities and abilities of its ammo for the 2012 would sell the party to the Ghanaian electorate.

TODAY against this backdrop can state categorically that the pair of Dr. Nduom and Madam Eva Lokko is the most complementing and most lethal among all the political parties in this year’s election.