Avoidable Asphyxiation

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Four kids, according to a story elsewhere in this issue, yesterday died through asphyxiation under circumstances which are anything but responsible on the part of their parents.

Parents of the kids were negligent in managing the kids, regardless of whether they are single or not. Children are gifts from God and the need for parents to ensure their proper and adequate upkeep and upbringing cannot be over-emphasised.

It is our position that parents who fail to provide such care and exhibit this level of deadly irresponsibility, leading to death, as under review, should be sanctioned for negligence.

Perhaps, the kids' glove treatment of previous instances, and there has been quite a number, is responsible for the continuation of the anomaly in the country.

One of the bereaved women, who lost two children, has a disturbing story about how her kids died and this, under any other jurisdiction, would be considered gross irresponsibility and worthy of the appropriate sanctions.

When she was leaving for the market, the kids were not around; yet she proceeded with no urgent need to look for them before going.

It was upon her return, before noon, from the market that she began looking for them only to discover regrettably afterwards that they had died in a parked vehicle in a mechanic's shop.

We have heard and read about similar incidents across the country involving children and we are pained to state that parenting in the country has suffered a downward trend in recent times.

We indeed wonder whether the unacceptable development has to do with the economic challenges permeating the country or an outright gross irresponsibility.

Be that as it may, we demand that parents become more responsible than they are doing currently, regardless of the challenges in the country.

Why would kids be roaming around the area at a time they are supposed to be in school? Accentuating the bad story is the other woman who lost two cousins. She is said to have only discovered the absence of the kids when the first woman came enquiring about hers because they usually went out with hers to play in the neighbourhood.

The four kids were found suffocated in a closed car, a spectacle enough to break the heart of any parent who beholds it.

We ask that owners of auto shops located in areas where there are kids, and there are many, do well to shut cars in their custodies because of the possibility of kids entering these and dying through suffocation.

As for the irresponsible women, we demand that they are questioned over their irresponsible conduct which led to the untimely death of the innocent kids.