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These 20 Ghanaian Movie Stars Rocked The 90’S And Early 2000’S With Their Movies

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These 20 Ghanaian Movie Stars Rocked The 90’S And Early 2000’S With Their Movies

Growing up in Ghana, there was not much to watch.

Programs like By The Fire Side, Akan Drama, Fun Times were our only option. TV was boring and there were not much local movies for consumption.

But these stars you are about to see stood up and made the 90’s and 2000’s worth living with their awesome talents and the movies they worked on. Before the John Dumelo’s and Yvonne Nelson’s, they were the real deal in acting.


Brew Riverson Junior

Usually played the role of a teacher or scholar. He was my mum’s favorite actor. He is currently a lecturer at the University Of Education, Winneba. 


Veteran actor, Brew Riverson Junior and one of his students


Grace Nortey

She celebrated her 78th birthday last year, she took a break from acting because of illness. Her colleague actors surprised her with a surprise birthday party last year.



George Williams

He is currently 86 years and still feels young to act. He has setup his own film school to educate young aspiring actors to be great like him. He is mostly noted for his role in “Ultimate Paradise”, a sitcom on Ghanaian television in which he played the role of “Mr. Addision”.



Grace Omaboe

Commonly known as Maame Dokono, she can’t be left out. She was first noted as the host of the kids culture series “By The Fire Side” and later advanced to movies. Her roles were mostly that of a strict, no-nonsense parent. She ventured into politics which wrecked her acting career.



Rama Brew

She is mostly known for her role in the series “Ultimate Paradise”. Her fluency in the English language made her excel in the acting business. She is still in business and takes on sensible roles.



Nat Bainini

Nat Banini is one of the notable veteran actors from Ghana. He is no more in the acting business. He is currently residing in Chicago, USA, is married and has kids. God bless his heart for his role in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.


Nat Banini and his family in the USA


Edinam Atatsi

She is the modern-day Jackie Appiah, she played tough and love roles in movies in her days.



Abeiku Nyame

Popularly known as Jaga Pee, Abeiku was one of the leading actors until an unfortunate situation took him to prison in 1996. He was initially imprisoned for life and was later reduced to two years.


Prince Yawson

Popularly called “Waakye” was known for his comedic roles in movies. He was recently seen as the driver in “Chorkor Trotro”, a TV sitcom co-starring Funny Face.



Albert Kuvodu

Known for this saying “Davi oooo Davi” a line he used in one of his movies. Albert usually played rascal roles. The last time we saw him was in a TV series called “Fresh Trouble”.


Micki Osei Berko

He came in later with exceptional skills as a braggart which got him one of such roles in the “Taxi Driver” TV series. This got him several roles in TV commercials. He later went to the UK to be a radio presenter. He recently came back to Ghana and is still in business, mostly doing commercials for telecom giant MTN.


Eunice Banini

She has been playing “tough girl” roles in movies for ages and is still playing such roles in the popular “Efiewura” TV series. She’s one of the longest-running Ghanaian movie stars who is still very active.


Augustine Abbey

Commonly called Idikoko was recently seen in a music video by rapper EL. He mostly played roles as a trickster or played jovial roles in movies.



Fred Amugi

Fred Amugi was also spotted in EL’s video recently and is still active in very few movies. He mostly played the role of a wicked father.


Akorfa-Adjeni Asiedu

She did massive during her days and currently directs her own movies. She has performed in a handful of movies recently.




McJordan Amartey

Was popularly called “Sugar Daddy” and was even used for a commercial for a product of the same name. An unfortunate incident happened to him recently which had surgeons amputate one of his legs. This made him nonfunctional and unable to work.

mac jordan amartey


Emmanuel Armah

He was excellent at portraying the affluent lifestyle. He was active until he wasn’t seen in movies anymore recently.



Psalm Adjetefio

Was last seen in a music video by EL and a couple of TV sitcoms. He is mostly known for his role in the Taxi Driver TV series, in which he played the role of “T.T”, the taxi driver.



Joojo Mills Robertson

Even though he was recently known for his role in Efiewura, he is one of the pioneers of the Ghana entertainment scene. He is known for his role in Efiewura in which he was called Joojo. He currently resides in USA.


Belinda Naa Ode Aku

Popular called Adwoa Smart is still very active in TV sitcoms. She’s one of the pioneers of the Ghanaian movie scene.


We know we couldn’t mention them all and have forgotten many names, do you remember any of the veterans we forgot to mention and are still alive? Leave their names in the comment box below. We will add it to the list.

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