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7 Sextape Scandals That Rocked Ghana In 2014

by 07/07/2015 17:14:00 0 comments 417 Views
7 Sextape Scandals That Rocked Ghana In 2014

For all the strange reasons, this year seemed to be a year full of sextapes. The year begun with a lot of sextape scandals that got the country talking.

It seems to be a new trend among the youth and this year was the year that saw many releases, from celebs to the commoner on the streets. Today, we wish to countdown 7 of such sextapes that rocked the country before the year ends.

We hope 2015 will be better without much sextapes. To those who still have their sextapes on their phones and laptops, let your resolution for next year be to delete all, before the year ends.


1. Atopa Doctor

In the beginning of the year, we were hit by a number of sextapes of a gentleman who calls himself Atopa Doctor in the Kumasi Metropolis. Atopa Doctor, who goes by the name Akwasi Asare’s modus operand is to lure school girls into his abode and have sex with them whiles video taping it. He’s believed to be the partner to the gentleman who masterminded the Bekwai sextapes. They sell this sextapes online for a token.

He was later arrested by the police, but the damage has already been caused as most of his videos are already online.



2. OWASS Sextape

Just when we were still digesting Atopa Doctor’s sextape, we were hit with another sextape from some young amateur students of Opoku Ware Senior High School.

In an exclusive video that was captured by, three students, two men from Opoku Ware Senior High School and the lady who is from St. Louis Senior High School, were involved in a sextape that hit the nation.



3. Tamale Sextape

In August this year, we were hit with series of sextapes all the way from Tamale involving a gentleman who bonked a number of women and videotaped it.

It was all over the nation and generated a lot of discussions on radio.

photo 5-1


4. Adisadel College Sextape

Another sextape that caught our attention was a sextape involving students of Adisadel College who actually were making out in the class room.


5. Hannah Tetteh’s Son’s Sextape

Just when we thought we’ve seen enough, another sextape scandal hit us and this time around it was very controversial as it involved two children of very prominent people in the society.

The video, which showed the couple bonking in a car, was all over the place and was shared on Whatsapp and social media. The gentleman was alleged to be the son of the minister of foreign affairs while the woman is the daughter of the VC of University of Ghana.


6. NahNah AbyNah

Just when we were still assimilating all the sextapes surrounding us, another one out of nowhere involving a young man and woman from Kumasi hit us…wow!!!

In a doggy style and in a disappointing situation the gentleman ejaculated within 30seconds and the lady was heard asking him, “Oh! wo ho aba?” translated “You’ve cum?”.

The video became so popular the lady created a public figure page on facebook and she got so many friends hitting about 1 million and still counting.




7. Itz Tiffany Sextape

The last but not the least is the sextape of our favourite female artist Itz Tiffany, which hit the nation some few months ago. She seems to be the latest at the moment because so far we’ve not heard of any sextape after her scandal.

In a bizarre event, her baby’s father decided to release a video of their sexcapades. In one of the videos, Tiffany was seen trying to curse the man by dragging her butt on the floor and reciting some incantations.

Another video featured her having sex but her face was not visible.

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