The British Embassy Retained His Wife's After A Visa Application

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The British Embassy Retained His Wife's After A Visa Application
The British Embassy Retained His Wife's After A Visa Application

Good evening House,

I resides in the UK, In November 2014, my wife applied for a settlement visa to come and join me in the UK at the time of the application, I was very convinced that we met all the immigration requirement because I took my time to make sure all the necessary supporting evidences were enclosed as we have had 3 applications refused previously in 2011 (visitor visa), 2012 (Settlement visa) and 2013 (Visitor visa) for my graduation, this was just some month after our wedding which took in Nigeria. I know people will be wondering why we applied for a visitor visa but the reason was because I just graduated and was not earning up to £18600 (Minimum Income threshold). But was surprised and when the application was refused and my wife 2 international passport was retained, One is cancelled and a valid one. It is worth noting that prior to the application in 2011, she had already applied for a UK visa which was refused but that has no connection with me at all and as you are all aware in the UK visa application form they do ask for the where about of old passport but she said to me that the passport is lost, so in all the other applications that were made from the aforementioned year (2011) we let the British high commission know that the passport is lost.

What's more, the reasons for refusal are as follow; 


The passport that you were intending to travel with, as detailed above, has been retained as we are not satisfied that the document satisfactorily establishes your identity and nationality, in view of the fact that you have previously applied for a UK visa using a different date of birth. Enquiries will be undertaken at this office and the document will be forwarded as soon as practically possible to the Nigerian Immigration Service in Abuja. The Nigerian Immigration Service will decide whether further action is required. In these cases, enquiries should be addressed to the address below: 

Comptroller General, NIS

Document Fraud Unit

Nigerian Immigration Service HQ


yours sincerely

Entry Clearance Manager

UK Visas and Immigration 

(2) "The applicant did not provide a letter from her sponsor's employer with her application which confirms the sponsor's employment status and salary. With this application a letter dated 24 September 2014 has been submitted. This carries the letter head of XYZABC123 (my employer) but appears to be a photocopy. The letter carries the writer's name "Miss xxxxx Bleep" But has no signature. Consequently no employment letter is considered to have been provided. The applicant has therefore not provided the document required by Appendix FM-SE paragraph 2 (b).


The first reason for refusal was not true because my wife said she never use any other date of birth except real date of birth. And this fact was confirmed when will appeal and during review Entry Clearance Manager withdrew the first refusal but the problem now is that, The British high commission said to us that they have send my wife passport to the Nigeria immigration service in Abuja but she lives in Lagos that will should contact them.

The advice I’m seeking now is that since they have admitted that the mistake was from them, are they not suppose to be the one to retrieve my wife passport from the Nigeria Immigration service since they send it to them.

Please I need urgent advice and God bless

Best Regards,