More Than Pain

by 10/10/2014 00:27:00 Comments 1496 Views

Cast: Steven Kanumba, Lisa Jensen and Rose Ndauka

Two teenagers studying at a seminary school fall in love and start messing around, the girl gets pregnant and she gets expelled from school. Soon the boy responsible gets caught and he also gets expelled from school, and they soon start living together.

Life get harder and harder for them and the boy tells the girl he cannot take care of her and the child so he suggests they get an abortion. The girl refuses to get an abortion and they get into an argument,  after which the boy tricks her into drinking something that causes her to miscarry. Before long they learn that the girl is pregnant again which makes the boy furious, he punches her on her belly which causes her another miscarriage. Soon after that she falls pregnant again, this time the guy chases her away and tells her he never wants to see her again. Years pass by and the guy gets married and becomes successful but isn’t able to have any more kids. His wife leaves him and he decides to look for and reconcile with the lady he chased away long ago when she was pregnant with his child.