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Vera Sidika: Biggest Booty In Africa

by 26/03/2013 13:27:00 0 comments 36061 Views
Vera Sidika: Biggest Booty In Africa

I NEVER thought I would do this...I had SWORN to avoid this cheap trashy phenomena BUT I just couldnt hold it in...

2 weeks ago,I was inboxed by Former Queen of Facebook,SHEERO WALCOT WARUINGE.... Waruinge had earlier tried to "diss" me in a mildly scathing,unapologetic piece...Now,WARUINGE apologized to me for "dissing" Me,and then asked Me to do her a favour...

She wanted Me to write a diss letter to one,HUDDAH MONROE...she gave me a thousand reasons why I should diss HUDDAH...And told me very many,nasty,personal secrets about HUDDAH...And,also,in the whole conversation,one of the reasons why I was supposed to diss HUDDAH was because HUDDAH was hating on another woman called VERA SIDIKA... BOOM!

I know SHEEROW WALCOT WARUINGE...But I didnt know who Huddah was,or even Vera... So,I ignored the whole crap cuz it sounded like cheap diva wars and it had gotten me bored already!

I STILL DONT KNOW WHO HUDDAH MONROE is...I dont know what she does for a living,I dont know why she is known,I've never seen her or heard her voice...

BUT I GOT TO know who VERA SIDIKA is...

Vera Sidika,or Vera S. Beiby ,is the young woman who was scandalously featured in the P-UNIT "YOU GUY" music video...Apparently,she has an ass that is big enough to be used as a County Government Head Office...

And she IS GOING AROUND NAIROBI preaching the gospel of her booty ! And even has named her booty "ROXXIE"!!!

WOW! Are we going crazy here?? A nondescript woman who looks like a bomb-survivor pops out of nowhere,with a weave that looks like a battlefield,AND an ass that looks like a dumpsite AND she captures THE WHOLE NATION! Everyone is going crazy about her! Radio Stations are SHAMELESSLY falling over themselves to get a piece of her! Or her ass!

And to add insult to injury...SHE famously STRIPPED DOWN infront f judges at the recently-concluded Big Brother Auditions! I am told she bent over and removed her pants! Driving the male judges crazy! And the media CELEBRATED HER FOR THAT!

Is that the TRUE FACE of the Kenyan Woman??

Is that HOW A KENYAN WOMAN is supposed to look like? Behave like? Act like??


Kenyan Women have come a long,long way! They have evolved,they have grown,they have transformed and morphed into great intellectual marvels WHO DIDNT have to get so trashy to get ahead!


.LUPITA NYONG'O~ a young talented actress who writes,directs and produces movies and is now acting in the Hollywood Movie Industry!

.JULIE WANG'OMBE~ A 22-Year old writer and poet who writes Uhuru's Official Speeches..

AJUMA NASENYANA~ A young,dark Kenyan Supermodel from TURKANA who has worked with the likes Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell...

MAUREEN KOECH~ A 23-Year old singer and actress who has just won the Continental Award; Best Supporting Actress at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2013

PAULINE KACHINJA~ A 21-Year old Philantropist who has toured the U.S.A and has worked with the likes of Bill Gates in providing solutions to the poor people in her village!

These ARE the GIRLS we SHOULD BE celebrating!

Girls who are winning huge awards! Girls who are changing society,going places,inspiring people and transforming lives!

They didnt have to strip naked to be noticed!

They didnt have to pull down their pants for the cameras!

They did it just by being LADIES!

They knew they could get SEXUAL BUT they chose to get INTELLECTUAL!

Dear Vera,

STOP embarassing Yourself,Your Family and the Female Race!

WOMEN have been used as SEX OBJECTS for too long and You are NOT doing them Any Justice!

Respect Your Gender!

And Yourself!

You may entertain a few horny men here and there,BUT WE WANT WOMEN who can move the World with their ideas! Not women who can only move dicks with their ass!

And to the Kenyan Media,FOCUS ON CONTENT,NOT TRASH!

Women like Brenda Wairimu,Maureen Koech and Princess Rose Nasimiyu ARE THE TRUE FACE of a Young Kenyan Lady!

SHOUT OUT to ALL the Kenyan Ladies who are doing it and repping their gender NOT by exposing their nudity or stripping for cameras,BUT BY going to school,doing her papers,going to work,earning her salary,using her brains And RESPECTING GOD,HERSELF,HER BODY AND HER FAMILY!


Being cheap IS NOT a career!

CONGRATULATIONS for having the biggest Ass in Africa,Now lets move on to your Brain....I hope its THAT big too,Bimbo!

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