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SHOCKING: Women now use fizzy drinks to wash their privates to fake their virginity

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SHOCKING: Women now use fizzy drinks to wash their privates to fake their virginity
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Women in an area called Nyamapanda, a northern border between Zimbabwe and Mozambique have found a bizarre way of enhancing sexual flavour, "using an orange fizzy drink" to clean their private parts, quite shocking hey!

And to make the trick work effectively, prostitutes in area are dishing out unprotected sex like nobody's business!

The practice is so popular in the area that the said soft drink has become difficult to get in shops - a baseline survey carried out by the Cancer Centre in Zimbabwe has revealed.

Cancer Centre official Junior Mavu confirmed that as a result of the expected results by women, the fizzy drink had run out in the area due to extremely high demand.

"I don't know what it does but people are saying it enhances sexual pleasure with male partners. How far true it is, well I don't know. Because it's a border, they are a lot of truck drivers who park there overnight. There is a lot of prostitution here and they are not even afraid of revealing their 'profession'. But the douching seems to happen across board," said Mavu.

However, what these women don't seem to understand is that through this practice, they are exposing themselves to cervical cancer, one of the top killer diseases in Zimbabwe amongst women by interfering with the power of hydrogen (pH levels) of the female sexual organs.

It is not just the fizzy drinks used by women to please their men, they also use traditional concoctions, which health practitioners say might expose them to the risk of contracting the Human papilloma Virus (HPV).

HPV is the major cause of cervical cancer and is contracted through sexual contact with men according to medical experts.

Zimbabwe's Ministry of Health deputy director for Reproductive Health, Margaret Nyandoro said of the 98,000 women who had been screened using the Visual inspection of the Cervix Acetic vinegar (Viac) since 2011, about 7,840 across the country had tested positive to cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is the leading cancer in Zimbabwe, with one in every three cancer patients in Zimbabwe suffering from the disease.

Though there has not been scientific proof that the things used by women to either clean their sexual organs enhance sexual satisfaction, women across the world continue to use unorthodox means against the advice of gynaecologists.

This reminds us of the infamous Josie weku UZ, who early last year grabbed headlines after her WhatsApp conversation with a married woman, Mai Gareth, leaked. In the juicy conversation, Jossie, who was then a student at University of Zimbabwe (UZ), revealed how she used another fizzy drink, fanta, to fake her virginity after she was deflowered by one Malvin during her High School holiday.

"I lost my virginity to Malvin at 19 during the High School holiday. I then used fanta and Ephraim believed I was a virgin," she said.

"How did you use fanta to fake your virginity," Mai Gareth who is based in South Africa asked her.

"So did you bleed?" she queried again.

Josie responded: "You pour fanta into a dish and sit in it until it gets flat (sic). I had to take tomato sauce, these are all tricks, I told myself that if I fall pregnant I won't find someone to dupe because they will all be thinking that I was a virgin when we first had sex." - My Zimbabwe

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