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Nigerian Woman Arrested For Battering Her Indian Lover

by 18/03/2016 10:17:00 0 comments 1 Views
Nigerian Woman Arrested For Battering Her Indian Lover
Nigerian Woman Arrested For Battering Her Indian Lover

The Police in Lagos State have arrested 27 -year -old for battering her Indian lover. The Indian , simply identified as Jagan , 23 , wept as he fielded questions from detectives attached to the Domestic Violence Unit of the Festac Police Station .

Jagan has a plastered elbow , blackened right eye and was limping. He said his chest was also hurting him . According to him, Sandra gave him the black eye .

He sustained the elbow , leg and chest injuries after he fell off a commercial motorbike . He however alleged that his fall wasnt an accident .

He explained that a man , who had been tailing him since Sandra “ threatened to deal ” with him used a motorbike to ram into the back of his . He and his rider fell down , leading to him sustaining the injuries.

The cyclist , who knocked him down bolted. Jagan felt the man who knocked him down was hired by Sandra to harm him. Sandra denied sending anyone after Jagan .

Jagan reported Sandra to the police on February 27 , 2016 , for battering and threat to life . The lovers had already done the traditional marriage introduction , with the proper wedding slated for February 2016 , when trouble started . Police said they may have to charge Sandra with assault , occasioning harm.

But Jagan said he was not interested in going to court . He said he was leaving Nigeria for Indian . Choking on his tears , he said : “ I now understand everything.

Sandra has gotten all she wants from me. I’m broke . She doesn ’ t want me anymore. ” Jagan said he reported Sandra to the police because she was threatening his life .

He said it was after Sandra threatened to deal with him , that he had the ‘life threatening accident ,’ on motorbike . He further explained that he wanted the police to compel Sandra to write an undertaking that she wouldn ’t hurt him in anyway .Sandra 

Revealing the genesis of their trouble, Jagan said he met Sandra at Trade Fair International Market . She ’s a trader. They got chatting and later started dating. Jagan was working with an Indian Company back then .

The lovers soon started discussing marriage . According to him , he rented an apartment for her and handed over his Automatic Teller Machine ( ATM ), card to her, as proof of his love .

One day, he received a letter from his company ; the letter was a transfer to Kano State . The lovers discussed and agreed that Jagan shouldn ’ t move to Kano.

Moreover , they were both worried about the Boko Haram heat . The Indian said : “ I refused the transfer because I wanted to be with her .

I resigned and started my own business . I rented a bedroom apartment for her . I travelled to Indian and came back . I had nobody , but her . But she goes out and returns late at night .

She was endangering my life . I don ’t want to say what I suspected she was doing . But when I got information that she was in a hotel, I went there to confirm things for myself . And I saw her . ”

When Jagan got to that part of the story , he started weeping again. Sandra , who glanced at him with scorn , said that when Jagan came into the hotel room , he sat by her bed , knelt down by her side and started crying .

According to her , Jagan then attempted to strangle her to death . Before they reached the stage where Jagan went to confront Sandra in the hotel, the lovers had had series of quarrels and fights .

After Jagan returned from Indian , he moved in with Sandra . It was while living with her that he discovered she was a night crawler .

He didn ’t like it . He told her that a woman should be hidden , not given to flaunting herself . Sandra accused him of being too jealous and possessive .

She said : “ He said I should be like Indian women . But I don ’t want to be like Indian women . He wants me to be covering myself , I can ’ t. Whenever I speak with anybody , he gets angry . I can ’t live that way !”

The lovers started fighting . Jagan even accused Sandra of using hammer to hit him during one of their fights . After one of their numerous quarrels, Sandra threw Jagan ’s things out of the apartment .

The apartment was rented in Sandra ’s name . Jagan moved into a hotel . His new found business had already started to crumble. Just when Jagan was getting his life straightened out, he received a cry for help text message from Sandra . He said : “ Sandra said she was sick . She said if she didn’ t see me, she would die . I ran to see her .”

The reunion didn ’t last long . They started fighting again , with Sandra accusing Jagan of stealing her Ipad . Jagan , whom police said found it hard to tell lies, confessed to have once destroyed her SIM card , but denied stealing her Ipad . Remembering the hotel incident, Jagan said : “ I went to the hotel to confirm what I had been hearing . It was true .

I slapped her neck . My finger injured her . I didn ’t try to strangle her . She was toying with my life . Today , I regret leaving my company because of her . ”

He further recounted that he was going to the same hotel a few days later to have a drink , when Sandra ran out, armed with bottle and attacked him. She tore his clothes . He said : “ She was armed with a bottle ; she held and started dragging me. She wanted to kill me. I called the police . I later noticed a guy following me.

I don ’ t have anybody in Nigeria. If I die here , I’ ll die for nothing . The guy caused my accident. He used a motorbike to knock into the one I hired. I and my motorbike rider fell . I almost died .”

Jagan , who was known to Sandra ’s family , said her parents were not in support of her actions . Jagan said that Sandra only wanted him because of his money and when she realized he was broke , she ended the relationship .

Sandra said : “ He called police for me because I told him that I didn’ t want the relationship anymore .”

She said that even after she told him that it was all over between them, Jagan traced her to the hotel, where she had gone to lodge . Sandra recounted : “ He came into the hotel , sat on the bed and started crying .

He grabbed my neck and tried to strangle me. I struggled with him. He wanted to kill me. I screamed . People came to save me.

We’re supposed to go for court wedding , but I don ’t want him anymore . We started dating a year ago . He ’ s too jealous . He said I shouldn ’t speak with anyone, including women .

He said he wanted me to be a proper Indian woman .”

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