Omar Sharif, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ actor, dead at 83:

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Omar Sharif, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ actor, dead at 83:
Omar Sharif attends the Chain of Hope Ball, raising funds for children suffering from heart disease, in London in November 2014.

Omar Sharif, the legendary Egyptian actor who became an international star in “Lawrence of Arabia,” has died at age 83, according to Egyptian media.

The "Doctor Zhivago" star suffered from Alzheimer's disease, his son revealed in May.

The Daily News could not immediately confirm the Al Arabiya News Channel's report of his death.

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Omar Sharif became an international star for his role in the film 'Lawrence Of Arabia' in 1962.

Sharif was born to Syrian and Lebanese parents, who named him Michel Demitri Chalhoub, in Egypt in 1932, according to IMDB. He grew up Roman Catholic and earned a college degree in mathematics and physics before entering his family's lumber business.

He starred in numerous Egyptian films in the 1950s and married the Egyptian actress Faten Hamama, who he starred alongside in "The Blazing Sun" in 1953. He converted to Islam to marry her.

The couple had one son, Tarek Sharif, and divorced in 1974.

"Lawrence of Arabia" in 1962 made him an international star, earning him an Oscar nod for his role as Sherif Ali.

He appeared in 118 TV and movie roles over his decades-long career.