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No 'Fireworks in 60 Minutes' Proxy Debate

  BUZZARDS BAY, Mass. — With just six weeks to go before Election Day, all eyes are on the two main players in the nation’s excruciating

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New SARS-Like Coronavirus Detected in Middle East

The World Health Organization has issued a statement through its global alert and response system warning of a new coronavirus similar to SARS. The virus

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Osaka City's Shinsekai Neighborhood Experiences a 'New World'

OSAKA, Japan — In the not too distant past, the Shinsekai neighborhood of southern Osaka City was know more for seediness and squalor than as

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The Drone Age

WASHINGTON — Inside the world’s biggest air shows in Singapore, Dubai and Paris, leading weapons manufacturers gather to sell their lethal wares in the global

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Libyan Militias Ordered to Fall in Line

The Libyan government ordered the country's militias to either come under government authority or disband, following popular protests last week against the armed groups that

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Ex-Police Chief at Center of Bo Xilai Scandal Jailed for 15 Years

A Chinese court today jailed Wang Lijun – the ex-police chief at the center of the Bo Xilai scandal – for 15 years, the official

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Chris Stevens' Journal Log Sourced by CNN Without Permission

  Ambassador Christopher Stevens' journal, found in an "unlocked room" in the US Embassy in Benghazi, was used as a source by CNN without his family's

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Unusual Ancient Tombs Discovered in Philippine Jungle

An ancient village that could be over 1000-years-old has been found in the Philippines, complete with stone tombs unlike any others previously found in the

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Companies Target Europe With Third World Marketing

BERLIN, Germany — Three years into the global financial crisis, multinational companies that had made huge profits during the consumer boom that preceded it faced

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Wang Deal Winds Down Clock on Bo Xilai Scandal

TAIPEI, Taiwan — China is preparing to issue a verdict for the former police chief who sparked a once-in-a-generation scandal that highlighted deep fissures in

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Anti-Muslim Film Protests Spread to Greece

  Protests against “Innocence of Muslims” spread to Greece and Turkey today as hundreds clashed with police in Athens over the low-budget YouTube video. Marchers heading toward

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Ahmadinejad Travels to U.N. for Last Address as Iran President

  Eternally controversial Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in New York City and will make his final address as president to the 67th session of the

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Opposition Leaders Convene for Rare Meeting in Damascus

Syria's opposition leaders gathered for a rare meeting in Damascus Sunday, where they called for the peaceful overthrow of Bashar al-Assad.  The conference of 15 Syrian

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2 Chinese Coal Mine Accidents Collapse in on 17

Rescue efforts are underway today to free 17 trapped miners from two separate accidents at coal mines in China this weekend, state media reported. Fire at

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If BBQ Is An American Tradition, for South Africa It Is An Afrikaans Obsession

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — While barbequing is an all-American tradition, in South Africa, it has become a fervent national obsession and the inspiration for an

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Avigdor Lieberman Rejects Changes to Egypt Treaty

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's foreign minister, said Sunday that the country will not agree to change its historic 1979 peace treaty with Egypt.  Recent escalations of violence

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