Savory Rice

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Savory Rice
Savory Rice


Two Cups of rice

2 Table spoons chopped spring onions

2 Table spoons chopped onions

2 Table spoons chopped carrots

5 Table spoons peas

5 Table spoons chopped bacon

A chunk of butter for frying.


1 Cut a chunk of butter into the saucepan on the hub

2 Fry the onion in the melted butter

3 Add the bacon and allow to cook through

4 Add the remaining vegetables for about 3-5 minutes

5 Add the rice and stir

6 Add warm water and taste for salt.

7 Cover to cook on low heat as in cooking normal rice.

8 Keep checking for the softness, add salted water if more water needed.

9 When ready, serve by itself or with shito, chicken, salad etc.