Bean-Dough Cakes

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Bean-Dough Cakes


2 cups Black-Eyed Peas, soaked in water overnight or for at least 4 hours

1 teaspoon salt

1 large Onion

pepper to taste

1 large tomato, peeled

1 teaspoon powdered ginger

1/2 cup water

1 egg, lightly beaten (optional)

2 tablespoons flour (optional)

Enough cooking oil for deep-frying


Rub soaked beans with fingertips to loosen and remove husks, then wash in a bowl of water. Repeat this several times until husks and all black eyes are discarded. In a blender, grind beans until very smooth, then add remaining vegetables and water. Grind all together with flour (if used) until well blended and a smooth batter is obtained. Pour into a bowl and set aside, covered, for 30 minutes. Stir in salt, pepper, ginger, and egg. Heat oil and deep-fry spoonfuls of mixture until all sides are golden brown. (To form smooth shapes, dip spoon into water each time before spooning out dough. Also, do not splash, but ease dough gently into the heated oil.) Drain on paper towels and serve warm.

Serves 4 Cooking time:1 1/2 hours