White Coconut Rice

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White Coconut Rice
White Coconut Rice


420g (~1 lb) long grain parboiled rice

400 mls Coconut Milk

400 ml chicken stock/broth

20 small shrimps

1 tatashe pepper (alternative: Tribelli peppers)

1 red onion

A handful of diced sausage

1 big seasoning cube (optional)

Habanero peppers (Atarodo: to taste)

Black pepper (to taste)

Salt (to taste)

Green peas 

Green beans


Get some chicken stock from cooking chicken.

Extract the coconut milk 


Pour the chicken stock and coconut milk into a sizeable pot. Bear in mind that the rice will normally rise by at least one quarter of its quantity from the parboiled state to the done state.

Add the black pepper and seasoning cube. Cover the pot and start cooking till it boils.

Add the precooked rice, Stir and add salt to taste. At this point the liquid should be at the same level as the rice. If not, top it up with water. If the liquid is much more than the rice, you will end up with soggy coconut rice. If you used long grain parboiled rice and you parboiled/precooked it correctly, the Coconut Rice will be done by the time the level of water dries up. There will be no need to add more water.

Cover the pot and start cooking on medium heat.

Once it boils, add the hard pork sausage. The hard pork sausage needs to be cooked but if you are using another type of sausage that does not need much cooking, add it in step 6.

When the water dries to exactly the same level as the rice (see video below), add the shrimps and continue cooking.

When the water is almost dry, add the soft ingredients: onions, green beans and green peas and the tatashe and habanero peppers.

Cover and continue cooking till all the water dries up. If you parboiled the rice correctly, it should be doen by now.

Stir with a spatula till all the ingredients are well combined

Cn be eaten as a whole meal or with Steamed Leafy Veggies or any other Nigerian Rice Accessory