Springs Of Wikki At Nigeria’s Biggest National Park

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Springs Of Wikki At  Nigeria’s Biggest National Park

In the south-central part of the Bauchi State lies Nigeria’s biggest national park. The Yankari National Park is an exceptional place where you can pretend you are actually at home in the comfort of a warm bath, apart from taking off your clothes that is. It is however home to over 50 species of animals and a spectacular freshwater ecosystem due to its freshwater springs and the Raji River.

There are four different warm water springs in the Yankari National Park that came about due to underground geothermal activity. The area is called Wikki springs because it was named after the largest of the four which is approximately 13 metres wide and 1.9 metres deep. The name Wikki means “where are you?” in the local Duguri language while the other warm water springs are named Dimmil, Nawulgo and Gwan. There is a fifth spring in the park but it only sprouts cool water, named Tungan Naliki.

Wikki spring on the other hand sprouts out beautiful spa-bath-worthy warm water that has a temperature of 31.1 degrees celsius all year round and amazingly it pushes out 21,000,000 litres of clear spring water out in the Gaji River. Located about 42 kilometres from the main entrance of the park, you can stay in one of the many furnished chalets at the “Wikki Camp” which is the tourist centre of the Park and you can make use of this graceful and elegant natural phenomenon!