3 White Men S3xually Abused A Black Lady In Kuwait: EXPLICT VIDEO

by 23/04/2016 14:00:00 Comments 1 Views

There is no place like home and its better nowhere. This Ghanaian girl was recruited by these so called agency that help young women get good jobs in Kuwait. She left Ghana with the hope of securing a good job as a house help only for her to get there and realized there was nothing like such job.

She was sent to a house where her master put her into sexual slavery,She was sexually assaulted every now and then till she couldn’t stand it anymore and run from home.She contacted the agency who took her there but they told her to get her own ticket and since she had no money,she decided to get another job to secure her ticket back to Ghana only for her to land herself into these monster of men who took her through the most barbaric act i have ever seen meted out to a woman.

In the exclusive video,she was subjected into a nasty rounds of sexual bout with her anus being fucked and what makes it more horrific is their Constant spate on her face and being asked a series of rhetorical questions. And anytime she doesn’t answer the question or have it wrong,she got a dirty slap and more spate.They called her all sort of names and it was such an inhuman treatment ever. watch.

This is my advise to the young ladies who wouldn’t think twice before seeking greener pastures abroad.please, don’t get yourself into this mess because it can happen to you.Not all that glitter is gold so ladies beware !!