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Kenya news

Nairobi mall shooting: Gunmen tell Muslims to leave Kenyan shopping centre, then kill at least 15

At least 15 people are reported to be dead as a gun fight continues between police and armed men at a shopping centre in the

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Kenya Acquits UK Suspect Of Robbery

A UK citizen suspected of being a militant Islamist has been acquitted by a Kenyan court of robbery with violence over an incident in 2008. The

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Two African Conservationists Receive Awards From Prince William

Tom Lalampaa has won a conservation award for his work in northern Kenya by the wildlife charity Tusk Trust. He was one of five nominees and

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Aquifers In Kenya Are Discovered In Dry Turkana Region

A huge water source has been discovered in the arid Turkana region of northern Kenya, which could supply the country for 70 years, the government

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Kenya's William Ruto formed an army for war

Kenya's William Ruto formed an army for war, ICC hears  William Ruto formed an army prior to the elections in 2007 "to go to war for

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Pregnant Woman Beaten By Nurses For Giving Birth On Hospital Waiting Room Floor In Kenya - Video

Why must women continue to suffer this way? These nurses should be quickly dismissed and prosecuted for neglect, battery and criminal negligence… How can nurses look

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Little Love for Dillish's Kenyan 'Father'

Just as the Namibian nation and the rest of Africa recover from celebrating the historic Big Brother Africa win by Namibia's Dillish Mathews, claims about

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Two Kenyan Men Sign An Agreement To Share A 'Wife'

Two Kenyan men have signed an agreement to "marry" the same woman. The woman had been having affairs with both men for more than four years

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Kenyan MPs Have Agreed To Lower Their Salaries

Kenya's MPs have agreed to drop their annual salary by $45,000 ($28,700) to $75,000 following a public outcry, a government-appointed body has said. The MPs would

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Kenya: 'We Were Humiliated By Cruel Colonial Masters'

Kenya turns 50 this year. To commemorate this milestone, the Star is publishing the untold stories of Kenya's clamour for independence which will culminate in

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Ahmed Musa gives Nigeria victory over Kenya

Ahmed Musa scored with 10 minutes left to hand Nigeria a 1-0 victory over Kenya in a 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier on Wednesday. The CSKA

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Kenyan Police Accused Of Raping, Torturing Somali Refugees

Kenyan police tortured, raped, and arbitrarily detained at least 1,000 refugees in the country’s capital, Nairobi, between mid-November 2012 and late January 2013, Human Rights

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Two Iranians jailed for life in Kenya over terror charges

Two Iranians have been sentenced to life in prison by a Kenyan court on terrorism-related charges. Ahmad Mohammed and Sayed Mousavi were convicted last week of

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School play disqualified from drama festivals over ethnic undertones - Video

The Ministry of Education officials has disqualified a winning play from the National Schools and Colleges Drama Festival set for Mombasa later this month. According to

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Photos of Vera Sidika, the Kim Kardashian of Kenya

Vera Sidika, known as Vee S Beiby is apparently Kenya’s very own Kim Kardashian. She has been featured in music videos of top artists like Prezzo

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Uhuru Kenyatta To Be Sworn In April 9

Kenya Government to gazette Tuesday, April 9 as a public holiday when Uhuru Kenyatta will be sworn in as President Kenya Supreme Court Verdict 1: Uhuru Kenyatta,

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Kenya Supreme Court Rules Kenyatta Validly Elected President

Kenya’s Supreme Court has upheld the results of the March 4 presidential election which declared Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner. Presidential candidate and opposition Raila Odinga

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Kenyan fishermen wrestle with sharks and tunas

The fishermen met at midnight in a driftwood shack by the beach. Salted shark meat hung from the rafters and the men rested on piles

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Kenya and Nigeria in Twitter war over maltreatment of Harambee Stars - Photos

A full-scale Twitter war erupted between Kenyan and their Nigerian counterparts over the apparent maltreatment of Harambee Stars in Lagos ahead of Saturday’s 2014 World

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Secrets of Kenya’s exclusive brothels

Filthy rich men spend up to Sh100,000 a night to romp and relax in some of Nairobi’s most exclusive sex hideouts.The swanky sex dens, unlike

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Kenya religious leaders cry out against condom advert

A TV advertisement promoting condom use in Kenya has been withdrawn after an outcry by religious leaders, health official Peter Cherutich has said.Christian and Muslim

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Botswana's foreign minister apologises to Kenya over Uhuru Kenyatta ICC warning

Botswana's foreign minister has apologised for saying that Kenya's newly elected president would be banned from the southern African nation if he refuses to co-operate

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Kenyatta Wins Kenya's Presidential Election With Slim Majority

Uhuru Kenyatta — the son of Kenya's founding father and a man accused by an international court of helping orchestrate the vicious violence that marred

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President Obama's Brother Malik Flops In Kenyan Election

Malik Obama, the 54-year-old half-brother of U.S. President, Barack Obama, failed miserably in his effort to get elected as a governor in Western Kenya as

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Running mate of Raila Odinga says vote counting should be halted, raising tensions

The party of one of Kenya's leading presidential candidates has alleged vote-rigging and demanded that the count be halted, bringing further complications to the country's

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Computer bug blamed for voting errors in Kenya

Kenya's electoral commission has said that a computer bug is to blame for a large number of rejected votes in the tallying of the presidential

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Spoiled ballots creates big problem during Kenya elections

A row has broken out in Kenya over whether spoiled ballots should be included in the presidential vote count following tightly contested polls.The coalition of

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Uhuru Kenyatta takes early lead in Kenya's presidential election

Uhuru Kenyatta had an early edge as Kenya continued the count on Tuesday in a presidential election that brought out millions of voters despite pockets

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Gunmen open fire at mosque in north-eastern Kenya, kills seven

Seven people have been shot dead in an attack on a mosque in a village in north-eastern Kenya near the border with Somalia, officials have

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Kenyan Lawmakers Award Themselves $100,000 Retirement Bonus, Bodyguards, Diplomatic Pasports

MPs in Kenya have awarded themselves a $107,000 (£65,000) retirement bonus in one of the last sessions of parliament before a general election in March.The

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