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Zimbabwe's Miss Curvy Growing Bigger and Better

by 25/10/2012 08:52:00 0 comments 2596 Views
Zimbabwe's Miss Curvy Growing Bigger and Better

Strange as it might seem, the much hyped Miss Curvy 2012 won by Mildred Shumba, an A-Level student, is growing with each year and many big women take it seriously just like any other beauty contest. Shumba stood out from the rest and that she is this year's title holder is unquestionable. She should use the title to open more doors for her since she is still in school.

The US$5 000 pledge from businessman Wicknell Chivayo should help to empower her not as Miss Curvy but as a woman.

For those who attended the event at the weekend it was surprising to see that there were more women than men.

One reason for this could be that there are not many contests that promote women with fuller figures and that Miss Curvy contest is not "too restrictive" when it comes to weight or height.

"We are just as beautiful as those women who are slim and slender," said Wadzanai Kamombe.

"Most big women lack confidence because of the stereotypes but a contest like this makes it possible for African women to take part," Jessie Sibanda said.

As is always the case, the contest attracted mostly women and there were more curves in the audiences than those being flaunted on the ramp.

The title could have been won by those who were not competing since the contest allows plus sized women to contest and has no weight or height restrictions.

But what was glaring was the fact that Miss Curvy, more than anything else, boosts confidence for the well rounded women.

Men in the audience could be heard saying: "There are many curves in the crowd than on the stage."

The pageant proved to be enlightening and entertaining unlike other beauty contests where everything is customised. Credit should go to the organisers for celebrating and appreciating body aspects that are often overlooked by main stream modelling industry.

Contests like Mr Ugly and Miss Curvy provide the much needed humour and entertainment.

The otherwise perfect show was, however, dampened by a few hiccups which the organisers should work out in next year's event.

Time keeping proved to be challenges as the show started late and many people left without watching the crowning ceremony.

Zim Gossip managing director Mercy "Catwalk" Mushaninga, the organiser of Miss Curvy contest, said despite glitches here and there this year's edition was a success.

"This year, which marks our second year, has been a success, as it has proved to be bigger and better than last year's event," she said.

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